📦 Special shipping arrangement under recent epidemic situation 📦 (August 24 updated)

(Information in this post may not be able to update on time. Please refer to the updates on Hong Kong Post and S.F. Express websites for the most updated information.)

Hong Kong Post has just announced that all post offices (including mobile post offices and all post offices situated in Wong Tai Sin District) will resume their normal business hours starting from August 24. In parallel, mail collection from posting boxes and mail delivery service (including that for Speedpost items) will also resume normal. For buildings with COVID-19 confirmed cases within the past 14 days, Hongkong Post will strengthen the service of mail delivery to the letter boxes in the lobbies to three times a week, yet door delivery service will remain suspended until the building concerned is removed from the list of buildings with confirmed cases within the past 14 days.

However, delays in delivery would still be anticipatable as there has been a suspension in services for about two weeks. So, the temporary option: “S.F. Express-Delivery Fee Paid by Addressee” would still be in effect until further notice. Please note that all delivery charge and surcharges(if there is any) are levied and charged by S.F. Express. As the charges above will not be calculated into the total of the order, the charge will be shown as “Free” under “Shipping” on the “checkout” page, this means neither customers do not need to pay for the charges nor is “Free Shipping” provided. Customers must be responsible to pay these charges to S.F. Express while collecting the parcels. Customers are recommended to click here to check the charges before placing orders. If you want to pick up at S.F. Network, make sure you have written down the code and address of the selected S.F. Network Point on “Address”, or your order will be delivered directly to the address shown on the order without any notice and change. Customers will be fully responsible to any extra charges derived in this case.

Also, delivery service for several districts from Hong Kong Post and S.F. Express may be still suspended due to the unexpected development of severe epidemic. Please check for the updates from the responsible service provider before placing your order. Happeriod will not be responsible to the delays and/or charges aroused due to the service suspension under epidemic.

We will keep you updated if there is any change about deliveries.

In case of disputes, happeriod.com reserves the rights of final decision.


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