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Hyginova Disinfectant Spray - 60ml (100% Recycled Plastic Bottle)

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Brand/Product: Hyginova Disinfectant Spray - 60ml  (100% Recycled Plastic Bottle)

CategoryMenstrual Cup Accessories

Ingredients: Hypochlorous acid, Sodium chloride, Purified water

ContentHyginova Disinfectant Spray - 60ml  (100% Recycled Plastic Bottle) x 1

Suitable to be used on:

Surface of most objects, air and hands

Area of use:

Medical institutions, factories, kitchens, family and public places. Toilets, rooms, floor, walls, animal products, infant products, furniture, utensils, fabrics and carpets. 

Way to use:

Ready-to-Use, Spray directly to the air or surface, no rinsing or wiping is required.

To sanitize: Wet the surface and leave for 30 seconds.

To disinfect: Spray until thoroughly wet and stand for 10 minutes, allow to air dry. Repeat if necessary.

For heavily soiled or greasy areas, pre-cleaning is required.


  1. Ready to use. Gives you an easy living.
  2. Can eliminate a wide range of germs(G+/- and antibiotic resistance), bacteria (with and without envelope), fungi, bacillus and spore.
  3. Reduce or remove unpleasant odors like cigarette smoke, pets urine, smelly toilet, smelly garbage disposal, lingering cooking odours, etc.
  4. Remove formaldehyde (60% after 1 hour/ 95% after 24 hours)
  5. Reduce indoor allergen
  6. Effective ingredients will break down into water and salt after use. Leaving no burden to the environment.
  7. Non-toxic, non-irritative, non-corrosive, non-flammable, brings no damage to skin or object surfaces, colorless, tasteless, no odor.
  8. No animal test; vegan and environmental friendly product
  9. Safe to use on infants, children, adults and pets.


- CE Standard -

EN1040, EN1275, EN13727, EN14476, EN1650, EN14348, EN13704 approved

- International Standard -

OECD 439 test, SGS TRA, TÜV Rheinland TRA approved

- Indoor Allergen Removal Test -

Formaldehyde Removal Test,  EN1650,  EN13704 approved

- Others -

Leaping Bunny non-animal test approved / Vegan society approved / Member of 1% For The Planet

Best for: 

1 Year. Please finish consuming the sprays within 3 months after opening (refer to the package for the date)


Screw the cap and store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and high heat. Do not store with acid chemicals.


For external use only. Always keep out of children. In case of eye contact, flush with clear water. In case of accidental ingestion, drink a full cup of water or milk immediately. Stop using if you feel uncomfortable and seek medical help if needed. Do not mix with other chemicals or cleanser. Test on an unapparent spot before using on fine or vulnerable materials. Do not soak any textile with it. Wash with water or dry with a cloth after using on metallic surface. Wash only the contacted surface with boiled water after use.

*You are not recommended to use this solution with other containers.