[Preorder item] GoMoond Absorbent Panty with Insert Pad

[Preorder item] GoMoond Absorbent Panty with Insert Pad

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*This is a preorder item. Estimated arrival time is early 2024.*

*Buy two to enjoy extra 5% discount! (Till Oct 11 2023)*

Brand/Product: GoMoond Absorbent Panty with Insert Pad

Category: Underwear

Origin: Taiwan

Content: GoMoond Absorbent Panty x1, insert pad x1


GoMoond Absorbent Panty

  • Outer layer: tencel and EKS deodorizing fabric (rayon, polyacrylate, nylon, and elastic fibers) 
  • Leak-proof layer: waterproof and breathable fabrics (nylon, PU layer)
  • Adhesive surface and absorbent layer: deodorizing and antimicrobial fiber (polyester)
  • Top layer: wicking fabric (polyester, polypropylene)

Insert pad

  • Adhesive surface: self-adhesive fabric (polyester)
  • 2 absorbent layers: deodorizing and antimicrobial fiber (polyester and cotton)
  • Top layer: wicking fabric (polyester, polypropylene)



M:88~98/L:98~108/XL:108~118/2XL:118-128(Please refer to the fitting guides in the Remarks)

Color:Pink (absorbent panty), White (insert pad)


  1. Great absorbency level: GoMoond Absorbent Panty can absorb up to 30mL when used alone and up to 45mL when used with an insert pad. 
  2. Quick absorption: dry and breathable experience without worry of leakage
  3. Patent self-adhesive insert pad: fitting design for easy change
  4. High-waist and elastic design: fully covering your belly and buttocks without digging into skin
  5. Antimicrobial and deodorizing effects: patent materials to eliminate unpleasant odors

Washing guide:

Hand-wash: Wash and rub the product gently in cold or warm water. To avoid breaking fabric structure, do not use brushes, hot water, fabric softener, bleach, or dry cleaning detergent; do not twist or wring the product.

Machine-wash: Wash with a laundry bag, let the product drip-dry. Do not put it in the clothes dryer. 


  1. GoMoond Absorbent Panty is designed especially for women with involuntary leakage of urine caused by pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, menopause, stressful lifestyle, etc. The absorbent panty is a complementary prevention product, it does not replace incontinence pads.  
  2. If the absorbent panty is worn to hold period blood, please take extra care to rub and wash the panty after use to remove any blood tissues that may be trapped in the fabric weave. 
  3. Insert pads can be purchased separately for greater absorbency and easy change. 
  4. No menstrual product can guarantee complete use safety. Please always pay attention to your own body condition when using any menstrual product. Remove the product and consult your doctor immediately if you experience any sudden change in smell, texture or color of your discharge, vaginal itch or irritation, high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, long-lasting lower abdominal pain, or any other symptoms that might indicate TSS, yeast or other infections. 

Pre-order terms & conditions

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