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LUÜNA Naturals Organic Cotton Non-applicator Tampons (Regular) (16pcs)

LUÜNA Naturals
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Brand/Product: LUÜNA Naturals Organic Cotton Non-applicator Tampons (Regular) (16pcs)

(Best before: Oct 2022)

Category: Tampon

Production: Germany

Materials: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

Content: LUÜNA Naturals Organic Cotton Non-applicator Tampon (Regular) x 16, instructions of use x 1

Size(s): Regular


  1. Regular can absorb 6-9 grams of menstrual blood, while Super can absorb 9-12 grams of menstrual blood 
  2. 100% GOTS certified organic cotton imported from Germany (biodegradable in 4-6 months)
  3. FDA-approved
  4. SGS tested to be certified safe for use
  5. Made from hypoallergenic organic cotton to keep you irritation-free
  6. Free from pesticides, fertilizers, chlorine, dyes, dioxins and viscose
  7. Our boxes use FSC-certified paper made from 100% post-consumer fibers to reduce waste


  1. You are recommended to start with Regular if you do not know the amount of blood you lose during your period, and switch to Super if you need to change your tampon sooner than every 4 hours.
  2. The FDA recommends that you change your tampon every 4-8 hours. You should never leave a tampon in for more than 8 hours and always make sure to use the lightest level of absorbency possible.
  3. For more details: Click here
  4. There is no product that is absolutely safe to use. Please always be aware of your own body condition while using any kind of menstrual products. If you experience a sudden change in smell or texture and colour of your discharge/cervical fluid, vaginal itch or irritation, high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, fainting, rash or any other kinds of symptoms during your period or shortly after, remove your menstrual cup and contact your doctor immediately as there mIght already be an infection such as TSS or other yeast infection.