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How to use & clean Menstrual Cups and Cloth Pads

Menstrual cup

Sterilize your cup in boiling water for around 3 minutes before use*.

Clean your cup with boiled water or wash it with neutral soap during your period. 

Avoid using irritative products like alcohol for cleaning or sterilizing.


(*ATTENTION: Cups from certain brands cannot be boiled. Please read instructions beforehand.)


*Always wash your hands thoroughly before insertion*



Fold your cup in a way that works best for you. Gently insert it into your vagina slanting to your spine. Your cup will pop open and sit comfortably in your vagina when you release the pressure. Move it up and down or twist your cup gently until you feel a light suction that prevents leaks. Release some pressure if the suction makes you feel uncomfortable.


Ways of folding:




Release suction by pressing the base of your cup gently. Use your pelvic muscles to push your cup lower. Pulling the stem downwards may help reaching the base. Grip and pull your cup out gently or it may spill. Empty your cup and rinse it with boiled water or other relevant cleansing products. Reinsert and enjoy your day.



Relax and practice. 3-6 periods may be needed to handle it well. Don’t worry. It worths.


Cloth Pads

Clean your pads thoroughly before use.

Fasten your pad on to your underwear with the buttons on the “wings”. Usually, the patterned side should be facing your underwear while the plain side facing your body. Refer to the instructions of your pad if you have difficulties.


Steps to clean: (Hand-washing is always preferred. Laundry bag is suggested for machine-washing.)

Soak: Soak your pad in cold water for a few hours. Adding baking soda will help enhancing the cleansing process.  

Wash: Gently rub it with running water. 

Steep: Rub the stains with natural soap and soak it in water for a while.

Sun-dry: Sun-dry it after washing for a better sterilization.


*Avoid using chemical detergent or the absorption efficiency of the pad may decay. It may also lead to multiple chemical sensitivity(MCS).

*You may wash your pad regularly with hot water for disinfection, or soak it in eco-enzyme/vinegar-water mixture(1:100) for a few hours and dry it. Keep the dried clean pads in cool & dry place.