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FemmyCycle Teen (Taiwan Edition) - happeriod
FemmyCycle Teen (Taiwan Edition) - happeriod
FemmyCycle Teen (Taiwan Edition) - happeriod
FemmyCycle Teen (Taiwan Edition) - happeriod

FemmyCycle Teen (Taiwan Edition)

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Brand/Product:FemmyCycle Teen (Taiwan Edition)

CategoryMenstrual Cup


Materials100% Medical-grade silicone (Contains NO latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic or BPA

ContentFemmyCycle Teen (Taiwan Edition) x1、Instructions booklet x1、storage pouch x1


- Teen(Suitable for first-timer with light flow): Width: 41mm, Height : 55mm, Capacity: 17.5ml

- Regular(Suitable for experienced user with heavy flow and a high cervix): Width: 46mm, Height : 61mm, Capacity: 30ml

- Low Cervix(Suitable for experienced user with heavy flow and a low cervix): Width: 46mm, Height : 51mm, Capacity: 30ml 



  1. Imported from Taiwan. Taiwan edition cloth bag included.
  2. Patented no-spill design for less mess
  3. A no-air-hole design provides a better vacuum environment


  1. The ideal distance from the bottom of the cup to the vaginal orifice is around 20-25mm*. It would be okay when you do not have any abnormal sensation.

*It is just a suggested distance based on experience. The actual distance differs to every person. Please have your own judgement with the sense of your body.

  1. FemmyCycle is not recommended to those who have a very low cervix (less than 50mm between vaginal orifice and cervix)
  2. This cup cannot be put into microwave oven for sterilizing or it will melt under high-heat.
  3. Avoid using alcohol or any kind of corrosive cleansers as well as brushes to clean your cup.
  4. Users who had been infected by TSS are not suggested to use this product.
  5. DO NOT keep this product consecutively inside your body for more than 12 hours
  6. Wash your hands thoroughly each time before inserting and removing this product. Clean or disinfect this product at least two times a day during your period(you are suggested to remove and clean it at least once within 8 hours). Be careful of scratching your vagina by your fingernails, or it will lead to an increase of the risk of TSS infection.
  7. Please always be aware of your own body condition while using any kind of menstrual products. If you experience high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, fainting, rash or any other kinds of symptoms during your period or shortly after, remove your menstrual cup and contact your doctor immediately as there mIght already be an infection such as TSS.