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Clearance - Handmade Recycled-oil Soap (Defective Product)

Clearance - Handmade Recycled-oil Soap (Defective Product)

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*This is a defective product. Read remarks before purchase. No refund or exchange would be provided.*

Brand/Product: Handmade Recycled-oil Soap (Defective Product)

Category: Cloth Pad Accessories

Content: Handmade Recycled-oil Soap (Defective Product) x1


  • Handmade by local women with recycled oil from community. 
  • Wide range of use in daily life, including dish-washing, household cleaning, laundry, etc.
  • Protect your skin from chemicals in detergent.

Instruction of use:

  1. Rub it directly on to the stains or on to a cleaning cloth/wet towel.
  2. Wash it with water.
  3. You may also cut it into pieces and soak them into water as liquid soap or hand wash.


  1. Certain amount of oil starts separating out of the soap. DO NOT BUY if it is not acceptable.