Hong Kong Pride Parade x Happeriod - Yuuki Cup Pre-order

🌈  #rainbowmenstrualcup pre-order
Preorder link: https://happeriod.com/collections/yuuki-cup

✔️ Soft and elastic. Easy to insert and open.
✔️ The anti-slip loop on the base offer an easy removal experience
✔️ Rain-patterned
✔️ Semitransparent design helps you observe your blood condition easily
✔️ Cone-shaped design fits most people

Origin: Czech Republic
Colour(s): Rainbow Line / Rainbow Jolly🌈
Air-holes: Four
Size no. 1 (Small):Diameter 41mm, Cup Length 49mm, Stem Length 18mm, Total Length 67mm, Capacity to the Rim 24ml (to the holes 17.5ml, to the safety ring 14ml)
Size no. 2 (Large):Diameter 46mm, Cup Length 57.4mm, Stem Length 18mm, Total Length 75.4mm, Capacity to the Rim 37ml (to the holes 28ml, to the safety ring 24ml)l)

*This is a preorder item. Estimated arrival time is mid-November.*

🌈*Part of the income would be donated to Hong Kong Pride Parade