Adjustment of Shipping Fee and Methods


天氣咁熱,有時長時間在外,突然發現月事來潮或發現M巾/棉條已滿,真的會不知所措,在外遊玩也不易找到月事用品,我們除了鼓勵大家轉用可循環再用的月事用品外,也提倡月經產品的可及性(accessibility of menstrual products),鼓勵不同店舖/機構/公司為客人/公眾提供月經用品以解燃眉之急,我們由今日開始「月事用品轉贈計劃」收集閒置而包裝完好、存放品質良好、未經使用的一次性月事用品(衛生巾/棉條皆可),分發給願意提供性別友善的洗手間的單位,亦歡迎性別友善的店舖/機構/公司與我們聯絡。

請把用品包妥,註明 Happeriod- 月事用品轉贈
西洋菜南街2A-2H號銀城廣場25樓-The Wave 旺角接待處
開放時間: 星期一至五 09:00 – 18:00 (沒有特設收集箱,請把用品包裝好給我們

Menstrual Products Donation Project

It's not easy to find menstrual products when you are traveling or stay outside. In addition to encouraging everyone to switch to sustainable menstrual producsts, we are also advocating accessibility of menstrual products by encouraging different shops/institutions/companies to provide menstrual products to guests/the public to solve their urgent needs. We welcome donation of disposable menstrual products and we will distribute to units that are willing to provide gender-friendly restrooms. Hand us your extra disposable menstrual products (must be unused, stored in good condition, and in original package)

Please pack the supplies and indicate "Happeriod - Menstrual Products Donation Project"
Sent to: Room 2016, Ginza Plaza, 2A Sai Yeung Choi St S, Mong Kok Attn: Happeriod
Or hand over to:
25th Floor, Silver City Plaza, 2A-2H Sai Yeung Choi Street - The Wave Mongkok Reception Attn: Happeriod