Special Shipment Arrangement of 2022 Lunar New Year

Happeriod wish you a Happy Lunar New Year!

Happeriod team will take a New Year Break from 12:00 on Jan 31 to Feb 6. During the Break, shipment of e-shop happeriod.com, enquiry service of WhatsApp and Facebook page will temporarily suspend. Order placement would still be accepted and shipment will resume starting from Feb 7.

All completed orders with payment settled and sufficient information provided on or before 12:00 noon* of Jan 31 would be shipped before evening on the same day. Orders which has not finished settling payment, providing sufficient information(e.g. providing address that does not match with selected shipping method) or providing payment proof(if suitable) before 12:00 noon* of Jan 31, will be processed after Feb 7(Mon) together with other orders placed after 12:00 noon* of Jan 31.

*based on the time of receipt by the server of happeriod.com

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