Menstrual Cup Recycle Programme|Helps you find out your right cup

To the one who is still finding you right cup.

We understand that it is as hard as finding a soul mate for finding a right menstrual cup to you. Too big, too small, too soft, too hard, too long, too short, you may face all kinds of hardship, and what you could get might only be a ball-shaped or cone-shaped silicone made decoration in your house. Yes, we understand.

To help, Happeriod launched the Menstrual Cup Recycle Programme to show our bloodies that we can choose, and, yes, we can choose wrong. As along as you want to keep trying, we will have your back.

No matter what reason makes you want to change a new cup, as long as your cup is clean, we will collect your old cup for artistic or education use(we certainly will clean it again, no worries). You will receive a 20% off discount code for your next purchase on You can buy a new cup, a new cloth pad, or any other product. You've got your own choice, and we appreciate that.

Menstrual Cup Recycle Programme:

1. Complete the registration form

*Happeriod reserves the right to not follow-up with the received cups if sender did not complete this registration form.

2. Ship the goods to Happeriod (Remark both "Happeriod Menstrual Cup Recycle Programme" and your name used while filling in this form on the package) (You are required to settle the shipping fee)

3. We will email the discount code to you for your purchase on once we have received the goods.