Eco Femme 手工鈎織子宮模型

Introducing the Eco Femme hand crocheted cuterus model

Having difficulties in explaining body structure to your kids? May be the Eco Femme hand crocheted cuterus model is your solution.

The Eco Femme hand crocheted cuterus model is a soft, hand crocheted model of the uterus. It is a life size, 3 dimensional representative model that features the Fallopian Tubes, Ovaries Uterus, and 3 drops of "blood". It is recommended to anyone who is working as a menstrual health educator as part of your kit of teaching aids, as it is easy for girls to relate to and an effective, engaging way to help explain the female reproductive system and illustrate the way menstruation works.

Bring one home and start your education now!

Eco Femme is an Indian social enterprise. Through the Pad for Pad and Pads for Sisters programme, Eco Femme offers product donations as well as menstrual education to girls in needed. With each Eco Femme Cloth Pad you purchase, you contribute a relevant amount of cloth pad for a girl in India through the Pad for Pad programme.

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