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LUÜNA Naturals

LUÜNA Naturals Cycle Wellness Oil

LUÜNA Naturals Cycle Wellness Oil

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Brand/Product: LUÜNA Naturals Cycle Wellness Oil

Category: Personal care

Content: LUÜNA Naturals Cycle Wellness Oil x 1


Oils and essential oils used in blend: Sweet Almond, Dang-gui, Mugwort, Yan-hu-suo, Saffron, Geranium Burbon, Tropical Basil, True Lavender

Capacity: 10ml


  1. Designed in collaboration with certified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Master Ruth Lee
  2. Roll-on applicator for smooth and easy application
  3. Pocket-sized: bring it anywhere with you
  4. Upgrades your period rituals and improve your cycle wellness
  5. A bespoke blend of essential oils to provide some relief during menstruation
  6. 100% recyclable cardboard packaging

Unique functions of each ingredient:

Dang gui - Commonly used to make medicine that regulates women’s health by increasing blood flow and circulation.
Yan Hu Suo
- Commonly used as a pain reliever in TCM, promotes blood and energy flow
- Has relaxing and soothing effect on smooth muscles—the kind of muscles that your uterus is made of.
- Good for warming and unblocking the meridian, often used in TCM for moxibustion.
Geranium Burbon
- Helps with treating hormonal imbalances and menstrual disorders.
True Lavender
- Useful for calming, anti-depression, pain-relief, anti-inflammation and hypertension, common PMS symptoms
Tropical Basil
- Contains magnesium, which improves blood flow by allowing muscles and blood vessels to relax

Direction of use:

  1. Roll on to lower abdomen
  2. Massage
  3. Sit back, and relax


  1. Made of essential oils. Discontinue use and consult physician if irritation or discomfort develops.
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