How to measure cervix height

The cervix feels like a soft, tiny doughnut at the end of your vagina. The height of the cervix means the length of your vaginal canal, and is closely related to how much room in your vagina, so it also decides which size of menstrual cup and menstrual disc you can use. We suggest you to check carefully before purchase. You may measure your cervix height as suggested below:

The cervix lowers during period and opens to let menses flow out, so it would be more accurate to measure on your first bleeding day. Put a finger inside the vagina to see if you can touch the cervix. You may not be able to touch it if it is high enough. If you can touch it, measure the distance between your finger tip to the vagina orifice, then check the size recommendation from the brand. Be aware that each brand has its own definition of “Low Cervix”, “Normal/Regular Cervix” and “High Cervix”. 

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