528 reasons to master M - online campaign

You can only care for yourself, if you care about menstruation.

Pain, disgust, filth, trouble. It is now 2022, but these are still what many people think of when it comes to “menstruation”. Sometimes us, as menstruators, are also unconsciously influenced by social norms and forget the fact that menstruation is merely a natural, biological phenomenon. In recent years, as alternative menstrual products like cloth pads, menstrual cups and period panties become more common, and alongside the rise of a culture of self-care and self-awareness, many have learnt to reimagine menstruation - menstruation is no longer just about disgust and taboo; it can be about ease, freedom, liberation and autonomy. More of us have come to realise that through learning about our menses and regaining control of our bodies, we can make great, positive changes to our lives.

To celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28 May, and as a continuation of Happeriod’s “Master M” project, Happeriod is co-launching the “528 reasons to master M” online campaign with Free Periods Hong Kong. We invite all bloodies to share with us your reasons to Master M, your experiences using different menstrual products or learning about menstruation, and how this has changed your life. We hope that this conversation would broaden our imagination and invite new possibilities of different topics including self-care, life choices and bodily autonomy.

How to participate:

Comment on this post and tell us why you think people should master m. You can write about what you think about menstruation, or how knowing more about it/ learning about different menstrual products (like cups and discs) has made a difference in your life. If your comment is among the top ten comments with the most reactions, you will be rewarded with a gift set sponsored by Happeriod.

We will compile your precious comments and post them on @Happeriod and @FreePeriods.HK starting from 28 May.

From 27 May to 31 May, 1% of Happeriod’s online shop profit will go to Free Periods Hong Kong in support of menstrual health education and the work on period poverty in Hong Kong. 

To embrace, and not to fear. Let’s embrace our menses and our bodies, and be the real masters of our lives.

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