TimeOut|Happeriod's pop-up and exhibition at Pvhlo Hatch

Time Out says

Happeriod is a Hong Kong-based NGO founded in 2014 by Zoe Chan with a mission to destigmatise menstruation and to serve as a platform for educating women through awareness workshops and alternative products that promote body autonomy. From September 2 to September 20, the company is collaborating with fashion design platform, Phvlo for a series of workshops and an exhibit that tackles the taboo subject that is menstruation. 

Drop by at Pvhlo Hatch and catch Happeriod's educational workshops tackling eco-friendly feminine products and visit the exhibition area that features art installations that poke fun at menstrual taboos aiming to confront and subvert stigma around menstruation. The collaboration will also play a special screening of the Oscar-winning short documentary, Period. End of Sentence – the Netflix documentary directed by Rayka Zehtabchi that explores 'period shame' among Indian women in the rural Hapur district. 

During the exhibition, Happeriod will also set up a pop-up shop where guests can purchase cloth-pads, hygiene products, menstrual cups, and period panties.
Published: Wednesday 16 September 2020