Adjustment of Shipping Fee and Methods

Hong Kong Post has ceased MCN and Smart Post service under EC-Ship starting from July 19 2021. Mail Delivery Service has been cut, while Counter Collection Service, i-Postal Station Collection Service and MCN have been replaced by the new "EC-Get" service. With immediate effect from today, "Direct delivery through EC-Ship from HK Post" will be replaced by "Direct delivery through Hong Kong Post Registered Packet Service", while "Self pick-up at Post Office Counters" and "Self pick-up at iPostal Stations" will be replaced by "Self pick-up through Hong Kong Post EC-Get". Customer should also not provide MCN as a substitution of necessary shipping information.

Our cost has been increased in a significant amount due to the pandemic in these years. This change of service from Hong Kong Post has made our condition even harder. We are sorry to inform you that an adjustment of shipping fee has been made. Please refer to the "Shopping Guides" for the updated shipping fee and free-shipping arrangement.

For the unfulfilled orders(including pre-order orders", those who have chosen "Direct delivery through EC-Ship from HK Post" would be shipped through "Direct delivery through Hong Kong Post Registered Packet Service", while those who have chosen "Self pick-up at Post Office Counters", "Self pick-up at iPostal Stations", "Self pick-up at S.F. Service Points" and "Direct delivery through S.F. Standard Express-Service" would not be affected. No additional cost would be collected for these orders.

We kindly ask for your understanding for the inconvenience caused.