[Preorder] GoMoond Absorbent Panty

Urinary incontinence has been a common issue faced by women. 25% of women in Taiwan over 35-year-old suffer from urinary incontinence, while around 20% of women suffer in Hong Kong.

There were bloodies revealing products for handling urinary incontinence was insufficient in the market, not only for their elderly family members, but also for their own postpartum care.

If you are one of them, the new GoMoond Absorbent Panty might be a game changer for you!

Features of GoMoond Absorbent Panty:

💧Great absorbency level: GoMoond Absorbent Panty can absorb up to 30mL when used alone and up to 45mL when used with an insert pad.
💧Quick absorption: dry and breathable experience without worry of leakage
💧Patent self-adhesive insert pad: fitting design for easy change
💧High-waist and elastic design: fully covering your belly and buttocks without digging into skin
💧Antimicrobial and deodorizing effects: patent materials to eliminate unpleasant odors

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*Expected arrival time: Early 2024.

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