Important update about PayMe and Bank In Deposit Payment

Bank In Deposit

Within immediate effect, the HSBC account for bank in payment has been changed to the following:

HSBC A/C: 521-077-495-838
Payee name: Happeriod Limited

The previous account will stop serving any money transfer purpose for Happeriod. Please switch to the new account above for your payment. 


As we have changed our PayMe account to PayMe Business, payment transfer through contact number or "Pay a friend" will no longer be supported starting from Sept 8 2021. Please follow the new instructions below for PayMe payment. 

  1. Download the official PayMe app and add a credit card to top up your PayMe account;
  2. Open the PayLink or scan the PayCode below;
  3. Enter the total of your order;
  4. Click "Next";
  5. Enter your order number on the "Enter your message" column;
  6. Click "Pay a business";
  7. Screen cap the payment confirmation page for record;
  8. Your order will be shipped within 3 working days after the payment is confirmed.



Should you have any enquiries or difficulties, please contact us at

Thank you.

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