Your new choice: Menstrual discs

Having difficulties in using menstrual cups? Wanna try insertive menstrual products but frustrated with a low cervix or short vagina? Menstrual disc might be a solution for you.

Like menstrual cups, menstrual discs are used to collect menses inside your body, just in a different place. While menstrual cups sit inside the vaginal canal with the help of pressure given by the muscles around, menstrual discs sit in the vaginal fornix, a wide area just beneath the cervix, and is being tucked behind the public bone. Simply pinch your disc in half and insert it into your vagina, gently push it towards your tailbone and tuck the front rim of you disc up behind your pubic bone. That’s it. Therefore, issues like unable to fully open the cup rim or feeling discomfort due to a hard or large cup will not happen in the usage of menstrual discs. You may even free your vagina for pleasure exploration during periods! Please keep in mind, menstrual discs do not serve any purpose of contraception and will not prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Taking necessary precautionary measures is always recommended.

Similar to the first use of menstrual cups, using menstrual disc is a brand new experience. Always stay calm and accept exercises and adaptation. As menstrual discs sit in a deeper location inside the vaginal canal, be prepared you may have to put your finger even deeper inside your body, especially during removal.

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