Guidelines for students interview

  1. Interview request must be sent at least 1 week before your proposed interview date. Interview requests with less than 1-week notice may not be entertained;
  2. The following information is required for all written interview requests:
  • Clear self-introduction(including name, institution or organization);
  • Topic and reason of your interview/research;
  • Other interviewees in plan;
  • Interview outline with proposed interview questions(5 questions in maximum). 
  1. Please note:
  • Happeriod will not provide any statistics which is already publicly available online or otherwise e.g. number of sanitary waste in Hong Kong;
  • For our stance on issues we have already covered on media or statements, you may quote directly instead of arranging an interview; 
  • Please refer to our website for our public statements or speeches;
  • You may propose a list of preferred date and time of interview for better arrangement.
  • Please leave your contact number for follow-up.

* Please note that if the required information is incomplete, we may not process the interview request.

If you have quoted anything from our interview to your research/report, please kindly send us a copy for filing. We believe this would help building a trustful relationship with your faculty/programme.

Please be punctual for arranged interviews. In case you need to reschedule, please notify us ASAP.