Guidelines for students interview

  1. Interview request must be sent at least 1 week before your proposed interview date. Interview requests with less than 1-week notice may not be entertained;
  2. The following information is required for all written interview requests:
    1. Clear self-introduction(including name, institution or organization);
    2. Topic and reason of your interview/research;
    3. Other interviewees in plan;
    4. Interview outline with proposed interview questions(5 questions in maximum).
  3. Please note:
    1. Happeriod will not provide any statistics which is already publicly available online or otherwise e.g. number of sanitary waste in Hong Kong;
    2. For our stance on issues we have already covered on media or statements, you may quote directly instead of arranging an interview;
    3. Please refer to our website for our public statements or speeches;
    4. You may propose a list of preferred date and time of interview for better arrangement.
    5. Please leave your contact number
    6. If the required information is incomplete, we may not process the interview request without prior notice.

If you have quoted anything from our interview to your research/report, please kindly send us a copy for filing. We believe this would help building a trustful relationship with your college/institution.

Please be punctual for arranged interviews. In case you need to reschedule, please notify us ASAP.