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Ruby Cup

Ruby Tote Bag

Ruby Tote Bag

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Brand/Product: Ruby Tote Bag

Category: Menstrual Education

Content: Ruby Tote Bag x 1

Materials: Organic Cotton 


This quality tote bag is made from organic cotton and manufactured ethically. The bags are Fairtrade certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation and will help you avoid plastic bag waste.

Did you know that the EU is currently trying to reduce the plastic bag usage per person from 200 down to 40 plastic bags each year by 2025? Get a tote bag and get onboard- let’s make sure we reach this goal together!

Another reason did we designed the Menstrual Taboo Breaking Tote? To start conversations and to normalize menstruation. With this tote bag you can wear you Period Positivity for the world to see, be part of the taboo breaking movement and help a girl in need with a Ruby Cup donation.


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