Environmenstrual Week Time Limited Offer

On average, a menstruator consumes over 15000 plastic pads in 40 years (assuming one to have 13 periods a year and use 30 plastic pads for each period), which would take about 500 years to decompose. If you use menstrual cup, you need only 4 of them instead of 15000 pads. This helps a lot to the environment. 🌱

To support #ENVIRONMENSTRUALWEEK raised by Wen., Happeriod and Ruby Cup provides a time limited offer. Starting from today until Oct 25, all purchases of BLUE Ruby Cup enjoy a 20% discount. We invite you to join this care-free and environmental friendly journey together.

To buy:

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*Only Ruby Cup in BLUE enjoys this discount. Other colours would not have any discount.
*Discount would be calculated automatically when checkout
*This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers
*In case of disputes, Happeriod reserves the rights of final decision