Eco Femme 迷你布衛生巾鎖匙扣

Introducing the Eco Femme Cloth Pad Keychain

Have you ever wished to promote your way of Eco-friendly living and products, but find it difficult to start the conversation?

Eco Femme Cloth Pad Keychain is a tiny accessory made by 100% organic unbleached Indian cotton and the upcycling offcuts of Eco Femme cloth pad fabric. It is stitched in one piece and looks alike with a real Eco Femme cloth pad. This cute accessory can serve as a fantastic conversation starter for any cloth pad fan, so as to show your attitude to the world!

Bring one home and start your education now!

Eco Femme is an Indian social enterprise. Through the Pad for Pad and Pads for Sisters programme, Eco Femme offers product donations as well as menstrual education to girls in needed. With each Eco Femme Cloth Pad you purchase, you contribute a relevant amount of cloth pad for a girl in India through the Pad for Pad programme. 

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