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Hyginova Disinfectant Spray - 400ml

Hyginova Disinfectant Spray - 400ml

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(Expiry date: 2024 December)

Brand/Product: Hyginova Disinfectant Spray - 400ml 

Category: Cleansers / Disinfectants

Origin: Hong Kong

Active ingredients: Hypochlorous acid (150-210ppm)

Packaging materials: Bottle made from post-consumer recycled plastic (100% rHDPE)

Content: Hyginova Disinfectant Spray - 400ml x1

Suitable for: Object surfaces, air and hands

Scope of use: Medical areas, food handling sites, home environments, industrial sites or other public places. Such as toilets, rooms, floors, walls, animal equipment, baby products, furniture, tableware, fabrics, carpets, etc

Application: Ready-to-use. Spray directly onto the air or object surface, no need to rinse with water. For contaminated surfaces, preliminary cleaning is necessary

【Cleaning】Spray directly on the dirt surface and wipe clean
【Sterilization】Spray the surface and leave for 1 minute, then wipe clean
【Disinfection】Clean the surface directly with this product, then completely wet all surfaces and leave for 15 minutes, wipe clean or until air-dry
[Deodorization, removal of formaldehyde and allergens] spray directly on the surface of air or objects until the odor disappears or air-dried, and can be reused if necessary

Menstrual cups (also suitable for sex toys for women) can be used in two cases:

  • For immediate use: Rinse with water, wet all surfaces, leave for at least 1-2 minutes, then spin dry, rinse with drinking water, and ready to use.
  • Daily disinfection and maintenance: Please rinse and clean first, then spray all surfaces and leave for at least 15 minutes or air dry, and then store well to avoid recontamination (do not flush in this case)

⚠️ Special reminder: HYGINOVA containers must be used. It is not possible to divide the spray into separate packages, nor is it recommended to open it without using the whole stick. Do not use containers other than HYGINOVA when using refills, as this will affect the stability of the ingredients.


  1. Instantly effective, solve multiple troubling problems in one team to make your life easier
  2. According to the EN14476:2013+A1:2015 standard, HYGINOVA is proven to inactivate the most representative and resistant viruses, including poliovirus, adenovirus, and murine norovirus. (Full virucidal activity) and is therefore effective against all known viruses
  3. Eliminates cigarette odor, garbage rancid odor, urine odor, fecal odor, fart odor, rotten egg odor, fishy smell, shoe odor, damp musty smell, pet body odor or odor caused by bacteria
  4. Formaldehyde removal (60% in 1 hour / 95% in 24 hours)
  5. Active ingredients naturally decompose into water and trace salts after action, leaving no residue to contaminate surfaces or air
  6. No unpleasant pungent odor, non-toxic, colorless, non-corrosive and low irritation, no damage to the skin, no damage to the surface of the object, non-flammable
  7. Assessed by a third party, safe to use in the environments of newborn babies, children, adults, and pets


【Compliance with EU standards】EN1040 (basic bactericidal) / EN1275 (basic fungicide) / EN13727 (bactericidal: 1 min / Resistant bacteria MRSA & VRE: 5 min) / EN14476 (Broad-spectrum virucidia: 2 min) / EN1650 (fungicide: 15 min) / EN14348 (Mycobactericide: 60 min) / EN13704 (Sporocide: 15 min)

【Comply with international safety standards】OECD 439 Skin Irritation Test / SGS Toxicity Risk Assessment (TRA) / TÜV Rheinland Toxicity Risk Assessment (TRA) / Cradle to Cradle ® Material Health Platinum certification

【Other Functional Tests】Formaldehyde removal test (1 hour 60% / 24 hours 95%)

【Animal and Earth Friendly Certification】Certified B Corp / Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification / Cradle to Cradle ® ® Material Health Platinum Certification / Leaping Bunny No Animal Testing Certification / Vegan Society Vegan Society / 1% For The Planet International Environmental Organization

Best for: 

400mL: 1 year, spray should be used within 3 months after opening (subject to the date printed on the package)


hyginova potency decreases over time, so it should be used as soon as possible after the first use. Ultraviolet rays and high temperature environment will affect the decomposition of the active ingredients of this product, so it should be stored in a cool place away from light, and the best use date can refer to the bottle body or bottle bottom.


  • For external use only. Keep out of reach of children
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water. If you drink by mistake, drink a large glass of water or milk
  • If you experience any discomfort after use, please discontinue use and seek medical advice if needed.
  • Never mix with any chemicals or detergents
  • When using on delicate or easily damaged materials, test in an inconspicuous location
  • Do not soak textiles
  • HYGINOVA is a chlorine-based disinfectant, if used on fragile/easily depigmented cloth or dyes, may cause some fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen, wool, plush, some organic cotton, etc. to appear discolored. It is recommended to use caution on delicate or easily damaged fabrics and first test in inconspicuous places
  • It is recommended to rinse or dry with clean water after using on metal surfaces
  • For food contact surfaces, rinse with drinking water after use, other surfaces do not need to be rinsed
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