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Ofoodin Food Bag(2L)

Ofoodin Food Bag(2L)

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*Some outer packages are slightly damaged or have been opened and resealed.*

* Customers purchasing any OFoodin Food Bag (EXCEPT Food Bag Mini) can receive one Ofoodin Activated Carbon Pack for free. Gifts are available while stocks last. No other gifts will be offered as replacement and redemptions may be terminated without prior notice. *

Brand/Product:Ofoodin Food Bag(2L)

CategoryZoe's Picks



Buckles: POM (Temperature resistance: -20°C-150°C)

Webbing: Polyester (Temperature resistance: -20°C-150°C)

Outer material: Polyester (Temperature resistance: -20°C-150°C)

Inner material: Silicone cloth (Temperature resistance: -40°C-230°C)

ContentOfoodin Food Bag(2L) x 1

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  1. Can be put inside the microwave oven directly for food reheating or inside the fridge for refrigerating.
  2. Leakproof with large capacity.
  3. Easy pack easy use.
  4. Keep your food isolated from air. Inhibiting bacterial growth.
  5. Solid. Not tippy.
  6. Made with silicone. Hot and cold resistance. No toxin releases.
  7. Easy clean easy dry.
  8. Can be blanched with hot water directly for disinfection

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