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Ofoodin Oil absorbing cloth(large)

Ofoodin Oil absorbing cloth(large)

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Brand/Product:Ofoodin Oil absorbing cloth(large)

CategoryZoe's Picks


Size: 30cm*50cm

Materials100% Polyester

ContentOfoodin Oil absorbing cloth(large) x 1

* All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Props are not included.


  1. Special design and material used to keep it thin but still highly absorbance. No fleece used to make it even more effective in removing oil on the surface.
  2. Highly absorbance. 
  3. Easy to clean.
  4. Dry-easy.
  5. Can also used to clean kitchenwares.
  6. Compact in size. Can be stored inside your Food Bag Mini for easy carriage.
  7. Made in white colour for easy spot of stains and dirts.
  8. Can be blanched with hot water directly for disinfection

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