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OFoodin Placemat(with Elastic ropes)

OFoodin Placemat(with Elastic ropes)

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Brand/Product: OFoodin Placemat(with Elastic ropes)

Category: Zoe's Picks

Origin: Taiwan

Size: 34cm*50cm (while opened)


OFoodin Placemat:

Outer material: Polyester (Temperature resistance: -20°C-150°C)

Inner material: Silicone cloth (Temperature resistance: -40°C-230°C)

Elastic ropes: Nylon

Content: OFoodin Placemat x 1, Elastic ropes x2

* All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Props are not included.


  1. Multifunctional. Shape it differently for different purpose.
  2. Easy pack easy use.
  3. Can be used as a placemat or even directly as a plate for food.
  4. Utensils can be stored at the right side.
  5. Can be blanched with hot water directly for disinfection
  6. Made with silicone. Hot and cold resistant. No toxin releases.
  7. Put your freshly cooked food directly on it and share with your friend!
  8. Easy clean easy dry.

Instruction of using elastic ropes:


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