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The Vulva Quartet Game

The Vulva Quartet Game

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Brand/Product: The Vulva Quartet Game

Category: Education

Content: The Vulva Quartet Game x1

Card size: 6.6 x 10 cm (2.6 x 4 in)

Language: English


  1. The Vulva Quartet Game is a card game similar to 'Go Fish!'. Collect as many sets of four cards from the different categories as you can – the person with the most sets wins. There are lots of interesting subjects, from 'Pubic Hair' to 'Labia Shape' to 'Facts & Wonders', with fun and informative facts on each card. This is an educational game that takes a playful approach, making it easier to open up conversations about topics we're often not used to talking about.
  2. Made from special 320 grams card game paper.
  3. Each game has 10 sets of cards and an extra card with the rules of the game.
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