Master M: Short Video/Poster Design Competition - Application and Requirements

Application Form:

  1. Qualifications for Participation

  1. Participants must be students of Post-secondary & Tertiary Level schools. Copy of student id card must be submitted as a proof. There are no restrictions on the faculties and majors of the participants in this competition.

  2. Participants can participate in the competition as an individual or as a group.

  3. The group entry limit is 2 to 5 people, and a group name is needed.

  4. Each group or individual participant can only sign up for one of the short video and poster design competitions, not two at the same time.

  5. Members who register as a group can no longer sign up for competition individually.

  6. Each group or individual participant can only submit one entry.

2. Requirements of Entries

  1. Short Video Entries

  • The language of the short video entries can be Cantonese, English, or Mandarin.

  • The theme of short video creation should be selected from the following:

  1. Period shaming and/or;

  2. Period poverty and/or;

  3. Gender equality

  • There is no limit to the presentation form of the content of the entry, which can be animation or short story, but the duration of the entries must be within 3-5 minutes(including opening and ending scenes), and must be coupled with bilingual Chinese and English subtitles.

  • Brand logos other than "Happeriod" must not appear in the video.

  • Each video file size must not exceed 2 GB.

(2) Poster Design Entries

  • The text used in the poster design entry should be Chinese or English.

  • The theme of short video creation should be selected from the following:

  1. Period shaming and/or;

  2. Period poverty and/or;

  3. Gender equality

  • The size of poster entries should lies between A3(29.7x42.0cm) and A2(42.0x59.4cm). Participants are required to submit the raw file and an image file with at least 300 dpi and in PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, AI or PSD format. The resolution of the raw file must be at least 300 dpi with CMYK four-colour process printing.

  • Hand-drawn entries should be scanned into an electronic image file (with at least 300 dpi and in JPEG, PNG, or PDF format) , and must not be folded or smeared when being submitted.

  • Each poster file size must not exceed 200MB.

  • Entries can be freely designed as horizontal or vertical posters.

3. Requirements of Entries Submitted

  1. The submission of entries must include the following:

  • Short video entry feature film or poster design electronic picture

  • Introduction to the entries: Briefly describe the main content, shooting or design concept, creative inspiration, and features of the work in text form. A bilingual version in both Chinese and English is required.

  1. The naming format of the entry submission folder:

  • Individual entry: school + name + name of work

(E.g. HKBU_Chan Tai Man_Girl's worries)

  • Team entry: schoole + group name + work name

(E.g. HKBU_Chan Tai Man group_Girl's worries)

4. Application and Submission Method

Application available from 1st Mar, 2021 to 30th Mar, 2021.

1. Fill in the Google form (Chinese and English):

2. Upload your work to Google Drive, and authorize to access the file.

3. Paste the file link on the application form.

5. Awards Setting

Short Video Part
The Best Award (Only 1) HK$8,000
Most Popularity Award (Only 1) HK$2,000
Poster Design Part
The Best Award (2 places) HK$3, 000 per one
Most Popularity Award (2 places) HK$1, 000 per one

Terms and Conditions: 

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